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Post  death note L on Sun Apr 11, 2010 5:58 am

with my returning ill be running a fun contest ,as 1 of my competitions was " lets make a new Pokemon" this will be the first 1 in the new FF clan forum!
1.DO NOT copy something from the Internet or your entry will be banned
2.ideas must be original and creative
3.i would like fouad to be the judge of this contest
4. your work can be made by fusing other Pokemon
how will your creation be rated:
creativity and originality - 3 points
description - 2 points
evolution tree - 2 points
grammar - 3 points
prizes, now a contest with no prizes aint a contest so the prizes are....
1st place prize- 2 lvl 100 Pokemon ,and the overflood of money ( 10 times sending maximum price)
2nd place prize - 1 lvl 100 Pokemon , and the overflood of money (10 times maximum send)
3rd place prize - your choice the over-flood of money or a lvl 100 Pokemon
you can start submitting your entries um mm.... starting now!
give us a link of ur creation or post the picture here
you can draw it by hand (extra 2 points) or by computer softwares
you can submit your entries until the 31st of May king

Your Entry should look like this:
Game username: player
Pokemon name: pokeman (this is were your grammar will be cheked)
Description: pokeman is the type of pokemon....(the grammar will be checked here too)
evolution tree:pokemin->pokeman->pokemon (pictures would be nicer)
The pokemon: (an image of your hard/easy work)

Good luck everyone.

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