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Clan UserGroups Empty Clan UserGroups

Post  Marchbaby on Thu Feb 04, 2010 10:44 pm

Based on your rank in the clan you will be added to one of the following groups

1 Administrators/Leader: Group of the forum administrators. Only Leaders may join this group.

2 Global Moderators/Co Leader: Moderators with their powers on every board. Only Co Leaders may join this group

3 Moderators: Moderators group(Must be appointed by staff)

4 Clan Ace: Only Aces are allowed to join this group.

5 Clan Commander: Only Clan Commanders may Join this group

6 Clan General: Only clan Generals may join this group.

7 Clan Sergeant: Only clan Sergeants may join this group

8 Clan Grunt: Only clan Grunts may Join this group

9 Clan Trainer : Only clan trainers may join this group.

As you can tell these are the same User Group as the clan ranks. This is to give members a special user title based on their clan rank
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